Searching for Krausz or Schulhoff from Cuba, Romania, Hungary, Germany, France or UK


This page is dedicated to Ignácz Jeno Schulhoff and finding family from the Schulhoff / Krausz families that may have been lost during World War II. Below name variations are mentioned to bridge differences between languages. Further below is a short history of events and photos.

Taken in Eastern Europe: Eugene Igancz Krausz Schulhoff

Other possible first and middle name variations: Eugenio (Spanish) , Jeno or Geno (Hungarian), EUGEN , Eugene, Ignatz (Eastern European), Ignancio (Spanish), Ignac , IGNÁC , Ignatius
Other possible last name variations: Kraus Krause Krauss Krausz Monroe Munro Kairuz Schulhoff
Brother and nephew: Jorge, Pedro / Peter, George

Ignacz (his first name later changed to Eugenio or Eugene) was born on 7/10/1904 or 7/13/1904 , 10-July-1904 / 13-July-1904, in a city named Deta (Deta (Hungarian: Detta, German: Detta) is a town in Timis County / Banat, in western Romania. (The Banat area is sometimes considered to be part of the Transylvania region.) which in 1904 was part of Austrian-Hungarian empire. It later became part of Romania, and continues to be so today. Eugene had two known brothers (one of which we know was named Peter). His father’s first name was ISIDOR (or possibly: ISIDORE or ISIDORO or TEODORO or TEODOR (in English: Theodore) and his mother’s maiden name was SIDONIA (could be her first name and name may have been translated into Spanish). Ignacz Krausz was a highly intelligent man, capable of speaking seven langages – this lead him later to teach forgeign languages in univerisites. He earned a master’s degree from the University of Budapest or Bucharest. Eugene upon World War II, fled his country after his brother was shot by the Nazis. His brother had wrote anti-nazi material and death was the consequence – he was shot in the family’s backyard. It is interesting to note that Eugene helped many families escape capture by the Nazi’s. It has been mentioned in our family he particpated in some underground network to help these people during World War II translate and avoid deportation.

He changed his last name to Krausz and then Monroe (possibly to avoid drawing attention to himself while escaping?) He traveled to France and England (UK) and lived briefly in each country. He may have traveled to other countries as well. He later decided to move to Cuba sometime between 1940-1948 – (we assume perhaps because he wasn’t able to enter the US) – where he became a professor at the University Of Havana. Eugene was also member of the Masonic Lodge of Havana and possibly others. He married Idia (shown below) on 12/17/1949 and had a daughter Beatriz who was born on 7/7/1951.

Eating Dinner: Idia Zerquera & Ignacz Schulhoff Krausz Monroe in Cuba

Eugene’s Brother Pedro (Spanish for Peter) also moved to Cuba but may have died of old age. He had a son named George (Jorge) Krausz who may still be living in Cuba (Santiago is the last known city of residence) or somewhere else – we are looking for him.

With Cuba becoming politcally unstable – A decision was made to move to America in the 1960’s. Beatriz was able to come to America with her mother Idia. However, Eugene died in a surgery shortly before their departure.

This page was created in the hopes of finding lost family and ancestors. Eugene’s brother was lost in contact over the years and it is not known if he ever made it to the US or if his children (George) did. Nor is it known if Euegene had any other siblings who may have survived the Holocaust.

UPDATE: 2/1/2009:Eugene may have had another family as some of Idia’s papers refer to him being divorced in her marriage certificate. If you suspect you may have a connection to this person or anyone mentioned here, please contact me.

UPDATE: 7/20/2010: Upon requesting Eugene’s birth certificate from the Romanian consulate with his Krausz last name, we were informed that his original name was Schulhoff. His birth certificate reads his name as Ignácz Jeno Schulhoff, and his brithdate shows the 13th of July instead of the 10th as originally thought. This name was once mentioned by Idia before passing away as his original name.

UPDATE: 7/26/2010: A Nazi claims tribunal lists a Ernestine Krausz married to a Ignacz Krausz in Vienna, Austria. A contact will be made to the Austrian Embassy to see if a marriage certificate can be requested.

Havana Fort fills the background

Family Photo

Eating Dinner: Idia Zerquera & Ignacz Schulhoff Krausz Monroe in Cuba

Taken in Eastern Europe: Eugene Igancz Krausz Schulhoff

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